They said what??

David hired Omar as a Speaking Coach in 2011 and hired him more than once

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

“As a speaking coach this contest season, Omar was superlative. He was always available on my [crazy] schedule to work with me and provide his unique and amazing insights. He is a coach in the truest sense of the word. Sincere. Forthright. Tough. Encouraging. Above all of his own nature charisma and talent, Omar is well aware that each speaker has unique characteristics that require a specifically tailored approach, and he has a gift for bringing out the unique voice and talents in each person he coaches. A coach like Omar with the understanding and humility to accept that sometimes his input will be disregarded is a rare person indeed. Nonetheless, I have every confidence that if he suggests something based on his experience and ability, it'll probably work well. Without Omar, I would not have made it all the way to the division level competition in Toastmasters this year. I only wish that I would have taken all of his advice and feedback to heart, because then I might be competing on the district stage this season. If anybody can boost me the next season as a coach, it's Omar!” April 13, 2011

- David Reed

Paul hired you as a Speech / Presentation Consulting in 2011 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Omar is an expert communicator and coach. To watch him MC is a joy! To receive one on one coaching from him is a privilege. He helped me with a key presentation in multiple ways. He challenged me, inspired me and guided me to a far better outcome that I would have achieved on my own. His methodology is effective and fun. The insightful questions he asks you to ask yourself create a perpetual learning/improving mindset long after the session us up.” April 19, 2011

- Paul Goates

Norma Dart, Parliamentarian, Toastmasters International (colleague)

“I have known Omar through Toastmasters International, which I have been a member for over 30 years. He impressed me with his communication skills, his humor in presentation abilities, and his ability to connect with an audience. If you ever need someone to speak on your companies behalf in a delightful way, call on Omar. He will do a great job for you.” March 30, 2011

- Norma Dart

“As a professional speaker I love to learn from other accomplished speakers. I look to Omar Rivas as a stellar example of connecting with an audience in a way that relaxes and inspires people. I highly recommend Omar to anyone looking for incredible talent as coaching for professional speaking or communication leadership.”

- Frank Selden


“Ever since the first time I saw him speak I have been impressed with Omar’s stage presence, powerful prepared speeches, and his ability to give impromptu speeches like very few others. He no doubt has what it takes to be a professional speaker.”

- Sven Freitag

Program Manager

Microsoft Corp.

“Omar is a very talented speaker, with the ability to engage an audience through a combination of superb speechwriting, exceptional speaking skills, and a rare talent for connecting with each member of the audience.  I have had the pleasure of watching him speak many times, and have also benefited from his constructive comments and suggestions on how to improve my own speeches.  Omar takes his craft seriously, and I would warmly recommend him as a coach to anyone that wants to improve their public speaking.”

- Harald Horgen


The York Group International

"Omar and I have, over the past 6 years, rivaled each other in the speaking arena. With the decision never really being finalized over who's the better speaker, (though really we all KNOW, right?). Both of us continue to find solace in speaking with humor, motivating others, and helping others when we can through our own mentoring and coaching. Oddly enough, our own friendly rivalry gave birth to our own friendship, both on a professional and personal level. Omar was one of the single, invaluable and resourceful minds in my life, who aided in my business success in 2010, and will just naturally do the same with any business he comes in contact with. Omar just gets it. What he "gets" is on so many levels it's dizzying. What he delivers, is humor, attention to detail and business objectives, motivation, drive, professionalism. You really can't deliver on those things unless, like Omar, one spends a lifetime leading by example."

- Brian Trendler

Owner, Trendesigns

“I have been both inspired and educated by witnessing Omar's presentations and facilitation abilities over the past several years.  His champion-level achievements are well deserved, most notably in speaking with compassion, touching the hearts of the audience, bringing them to laughter one moment and tears the next.  In addition, events such as contests are so much more enjoyable when Omar is at the helm.  Omar's humor and personality shine through in all his communications.  Such qualities garner fans and followers establishing Omar as a true leader.  I believe every speaker should learn the skills Omar exhibits in order to best connect with the audience.”

- Sandra L. Philbrook

Compensation Professional (CCP)

Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM)

“Omar de Jesus Garcia Santiago Rivas, el primero understands the power of connecting with an audience. He knows the meaning of commitment and the hard work that is needed to become great public speaker.”

- Hideo Fujita

“Omar has an amazing gift of pointing out the best in people while offering insightful suggestions for improvement.  The suggestions are served up with Omar's trademark delivery style that leaves the recipients feeling excited and enabled! Coupled with his many leadership accomplishments, Omar is a recognized inspirational and persuasive platform speaker.”

- John Bridge

T Mobile

“I have enjoyed knowing Omar and I continue to enjoy being in two of the clubs Omar belongs to, partially because I know that I’ll get to share most of those meetings with him.  Omar adds a lot of life to the meetings. Knowing Omar has been a fun experience, as well as a learning experience.  I have learned a lot about his personal history, which he has woven into some of his speeches and I hope to continue our friendship into the future. I’m proud to call him my friend.”

- Mike Hayden

“You've definitely made an impact on my presentation skills simply by speaking at our club meetings. You have a very specific style, attitude and delivery, which is unmistakable and easy to want to emulate.”


- Alex Marinov


“Omar is the epitome of effective networking and relationship-building. Not long after we met, he invited me to a networking event at which I made several connections in two hours. With his successful climb to the World Champion of Speaking stage, he elicited support from hundreds of Toastmasters in the District, and has since become a mentor to many of them. Omar's ability to connect is inherent in his proficiencies as a speaker and a leader.”

- Patricia Klingler


Explore Your Zing

“I have always been inspired by Omar! I think he is one of the funniest people I know and yet the guy can come up with an inspiring speech that can bring tears to your eyes! I like that about Omar his specialty is both. Omar has given great feedback for all speakers with his speaking experience. And for myself Omar has pumped me up after listening to my speeches, which has helped with building my confidence.”

- Nancy Laizure

“Omar is an excellent speaker but besides his speaking skills I value his sincerity.  When I listen to him I know there is a real person behind the message.”

- Raul Munoz

“You have definitely been a positive influence on me over the past year.  You have a warm and engaging communication style.  You have the ability to make people feel good around you.  Your positive, can-do attitude is infections to people around you.  However, above all else, your attribute that has impacted me most is your work ethic.  Watching you prepare for the international speech contest last year was truly inspiring.  You were tireless in your preparation activities giving speeches at clubs all over the area.  I had the privilege of seeing you speak multiple times during that period and each time you were taking the feedback and molding your speech to a point of perfection.  I have never seen anyone prepare a speech so well. Thank you for your commitment to Toastmasters.  The organization is a better one because of your amazing contributions.”

- John Day

“Watching you prepare for the International Speech Contest was very inspiring to me, as well as educational.  Having seen the speech several times and seeing the changes you incorporated into it allowed me to see I still have a little ways to go in my speaking career, but that it is something worth continuing to pursue.  Additionally your positive outlook and attitude makes it a pleasure to work with you at Toastmasters events.  I sincerely hope that when I'm ready to move to the "big stage" that I can count on you to coach and mentor me in the right directions.”

- Belinda Kent

Costco Wholesale

“You make a difference to everyone you meet! When you speak we all sit spellbound. You connect with us at a very deep level and you always leave us with something we can take home.”

- Wayne Dutton

“Sometimes in life turning right or turning left makes a difference.  Your speech “The Box” in the year of 2010, at the D2 Division F, was one of the defining moments.  It was the first time my wife has ever been to a Toastmaster event, she too heard you speak, was enraptured and encourages me to move forward with Toastmasters. After the contest, I sought you out to learn, how to be a better and skillful speaker, like you.  You took the time to share the unique things that you do, such as how often you practice, the different ways you utilize video and live feedback, and you even share your notes!

 Since then, I have met you many times, and each time you shown that you care much for others.  Even while you have other external events affecting your personal and professional life, you took time to help this new Toastmaster (at the time) learn to be a better Toastmaster and human being, with your actions. There have been many happenings since that day, both ups and downs.  Several times, I wanted to leave Toastmasters because of the downs.  Meeting you and great Toastmaster friends here and there made the difference. Thank you, you have helped this one fellow in many, many ways.  I hope to return to you and every Toastmaster the gifts of greatness you have given.”

- Michael T. Wong